Back your Local Bookie.

Website Design
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Back Your Local Bookie Campaign.

With the objective to redress the status of bookmakers as a hub for local communities, The Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) launched the ‘Back Your Local Bookie’ campaign to encourage people to sign a petition in support of their local betting shops.

Website development.

Hundreds of bookies have closed in the last few years and the gambling industry wants to stop that decline.


A high specification of functionalities were achieved and delivered, but security of the website was paramount in every aspect of the project.

Mobile ready.

Overall, the exciting project consisted of designing a website fully compatible for all desktop, tablets and mobile screens; bringing design to life through the implementation of interactive features.

Design and branding.

Kickstarting the journey from a content heavy website, including industry news and press releases. The Back Your Local Bookie branding was integrated into our designs process at an early stage of the project and it was essential to creating a site that stakeholders would be pleased with.

"Futora Digital was quick to understand the specific needs to plan, develop and launch our website. With thier deep experience in digital world, Futora Digital expedites the development of the right digital strategy for our campaigns."Lauren Hilton - Public Affairs Manager at Association of British Bookmakers