Edgar Akopian.

Website Design
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Edgar Akopian Hair Studio.

Edgar Akopian provide quality services for customers to spoil themselves with high end hairdressing salon experience at an affordable price. Their beauticians and hairdressers have many years’ experience and take pride in specialising in all aspects of hair and beauty.

Website development.

The specification for this web and print project was simplicity as a key requirement.

We developed the website in 2010 and it still flourishes to this day as we have been maintaining and updating the website and still do. The website planning, designing and development were were focused on elegance and user experience. Testing was a crucial part throughout the project.

What others say.

“Sohrab delivers effective digital solutions and along with his hands-on approach, he mixes a high level of creativity with a high level of dedication and passion. The results have been impressive and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. The quality of the service he provided was beyond our expectations and I would highly recommend him.”Wanda Goldwag - Chair and Independent Standards Commissioner

The final sprint.

To ensure that high spec of the visual presenation were achieved and that the site would be secure against penetration, defacement; a lot of testing was performed prior to launch.

The Results.

Futora Communications delivered a website which hosted all the functional and design requirements to meet up with our client’s expectations. A delighted Edgar gave amazing reviews and feedback on the final product!